Report 22/4/16

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Report 22/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:23 am

The temperature has started to cool down in the mornings, so it won’t be long before we see the number of whiting increase, there has been the odd one getting caught along the beaches already in the cleaner water. Small poppers and stick baits are a great way to target whiting, really light line and light leaders are your best bet when chasing whiting, and this will definitely help to cast those small lures. The Jackson Ebi Panic is the perfect lure for catching whiting with those trailing hooks that greatly increase your hookup for a surface lure.

The creeks have also been producing plenty of quality grunter and fingermark, especially out around the mouths. Fresh slab baits and cuttlefish are the best baits for both. Fishing in the deeper water along a drop off where the bait has been gathering has produced the best results. There has also been the odd nice grunter or fingermark seen amongst the snags in the shallows, so there definitely is plenty around for this time of year. The keen crabbers have been setting a few pots with mixed results, a few reports have come in of empty crabs in the pots, so it really pays to check the weight of them before keeping.

There hasn’t been much action offshore especially out towards the reef, with the weather far from favourable on recent weeks. Hopefully things turn around soon as there were plenty of good signs a couple of weeks ago on the shoals with some quality Spanish mackerel around.

Full moon this weekend and increasing winds, makes the creeks the best option. There has been plenty of prawn around in the creeks, fresh baits and even live baits are a great go and will results in plenty of fish, so it’s well worth taking the castnet along with you. The best rig for small live bait is a dropper rig with as light of a sinker as possible. Picking the right weight of sinker is important, too heavy and the bait will be weighed down too much and die quicker, and obviously too light of a weight and your bait won’t stay in the ‘strike zone’ where you want it.

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Have a great weekend
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William Glawson was very excited to land his first ever fish this sleepy cod on a recent trip to the Burdekin Dam.
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Seth Wells had a ball flicking a few lures around the Hinchinbrook Channel catching his first lure caught Mangrove Jack.
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Eric Weatherill had a great trip fishing the Bohle River with his best mate “Lollie” catching this very nice grunter.
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