Report 12/8/16

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Report 12/8/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:46 pm

With the rougher weather recently the beaches have been a little harder to fish, but the mornings have been the best time to head down with plenty of whiting and flathead still getting around. If you’re up for a challenge whiting are great fun to catch on smaller poppers, the Strada Chaos 45 poppers are the perfect size and have a great range of colours. Flatheads are always keen to take a lure, especially soft plastics, particularly prawn imitations like the DOA shrimps and Zerek prawns. A favourite bait for these two species would have to be live yabbies, but if you’re unable to get these, then peeled prawns will be the next best option. This weekend will be a good opportunity to give this a crack.

Last weekend saw plenty of bait moving through the creeks, and with that came plenty of queenfish. Small poppers and metal slices such as the bumper bars, worked quickly are sure to get a reaction out of a feeding school of queenfish, great fun.
There will be little run in the tides this weekend, and the mangrove jacks are bound to be hanging in the snags, if lure fishing use a small profile lure and you’ll be in with a chance to get a bite out of a barra hanging in the area as well feeding on slightly smaller bait. Surface lures have been working a treat as well lately, especially frogs cast unweighted into the snags, accounting for plenty of solid jacks and barra. If you wanted to bait fish for jacks, choose an oily bait like pilchards, mullet or herring and they won’t be able to refuse.
Riley hit the freshwater reaches of the Tully River landing this nice Jungle Perch.
TownsJP12816.jpg (8.7 KiB) Viewed 1307 times
Grant Leahy was flicking a strada lure around the Hinchinbrook area when this Barra took off with it.
TownsBarra12816.jpg (5.86 KiB) Viewed 1307 times

The weather hasn’t been that favourable for heading out either in the bay or offshore towards the reefs. But coming in the next few days, hopefully there looks to be a little reprieve from the wind. When the boats have been able to get out to the reef, there have been plenty of trouts, nannygai and big Spanish mackerel around the 20-25kg mark.
Peter was casting a few stick baits around the reef edges when this quality GT climbed on.
TownsGT12816.jpg (6.99 KiB) Viewed 1307 times
This year so far has also been a good one for the billfish, with good numbers of juvenile black marlin and sailfish getting around the shoals. Small skirted lures are an effective way to cover ground when looking for the fish and bait, also keep a lookout on the horizon for birds as they are a good indicator of bait below.

INFO BOARD - TGFC Mike Carney Toyota Billfish Challenge 2016

Hosted By: Townsville Game Fishing Club
Dates: 16/08/2016 - 20/08/2016

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Have a great weekend
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