Report 7th Oct 05

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Report 7th Oct 05

Post by Brad » Sun Oct 09, 2005 6:50 am

It is starting to warm a touch, however many of the species that have been caught over the past few months are still around in good numbers. Good sized Spanish mackerel are continuing to be caught using large wolf herring as bait. Garfish are also working well, trolled using chin guards. Higher concentrations of doggy mackerel seem to be in the West Point and Halifax Bay areas. Find the bait on your sounder and you will more than likely find the fish.

The grunter (javelin fish) are on fire at the moment, with large numbers of very good quality fish coming from the Hinchinbrook Channel, particularly towards the Cardwell end. Morrissey’s and the Haughton have also been producing some very nice grunter. Fish up around the 60 to 70cm are not uncommon at the moment. The best bait from all reports are large prawns, mullet slab and in particular small bottle squid.

Some nice barra have been taken around the rocky headlands and rock walls in and around the Townsville region recently. Large live prawns and herring are working particularly well. These fish are also starting to respond well to lures.

There is nothing to report this time regarding the offshore reef fishing action due to the first reef closure, however the weather is looking good over the next week so I am sure there will be plenty to report next week.

I thought I would throw this photo in of a freight train GT. It would have gone close to 30kg. It was released to stretch someone else’s arms again one day.

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Brett's monster GT.jpg
Brett's monster GT
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Stan with a nice brace of grunter


Whitsundays fishing

Post by Guest » Sun Oct 09, 2005 4:06 pm

Hey Report from Fishernut
place Repluse Bay via Laqua Quays marina
Winds nne
tides falling

Very good bites on the incoming tide. i used yabbies and got heaps of sand whiting off the sandflats. Looks like where in for a storm

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