Report 9/3/17

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Report 9/3/17

Post by subeditor » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:13 pm

Big tides this weekend will well and truly get the mud crabs moving, from all reports there have been plenty of quality crabs around that are full of meat. The best place to set your safety pots this weekend will be out around the mouths of the creeks along the flats just as the water gets high enough during the incoming tide, a 24hr soak will give you 2 high tides and plenty of time for the crabs to find your bait. When setting up your pots makes sure you secure the bait into the centre of the pot, this ensure the crabs have to climb all the way into the pot to get at the bait, otherwise they will be able to scrimmage from the outside.

High tide this weekend is 8.27am Saturday and 8.59am Sunday, perfect height and time to get the kids out and down to the local beaches to wet a line. We’ve been noticing an increase in the amount of bait in the bay, and with the big tides this coming weekend, it should all get pushed in closer to the beaches. This will bring on the flathead, grunters and bream this time of year, along with some menacing trevallies and queenies, always a lot of fun to catch. Soft plastics are a great way to introduce the kids into lure fishing, for a couple of reasons, they are easy to use and they work! A good go to style is a paddle tail plastic up to about 10cm in length, a perfect imitation for the bait fish around at the moment. The variety of species that will take a soft plastic is another reason why we would suggest using them along our beaches, everything from barra, jacks, bream, trevallies, queenies and especially flathead, and so much more won’t be able to resist. A slow cast and retrieve or ‘slow roll’ action is the best presentation. Getting the kids to slowly wind the handle allowing the plastic to slowly swim and thump along, we all know all they want to do is wind the handle, that’s why plastics and kids are such a great combo. Keeping the weight of the soft plastic and jighead nice and light is another good pointer, as our beaches are not deep and we don’t have a lot of surf, this allows the plastic to have the most natural presentation and have a truer action.
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There have been a few small windows of calm weather, and for those that have managed to dodge the odd offshore storm and squall there have been some good fish around. A lot of quality largemouth nannygai taking both baits and well-dressed jigs like the Dogtooth IKA jig (a stand out when it comes to catching reds in jigs). With all the bait inshore there has been some sizeable bait balls, consisting of quite large bait fish, on the shoals in about 25m of water as well. Dropping a small metal slice into the bait balls has been producing some solid cobia and bigger spotty and spanish mackerel, not all that uncommon to catch this time of year bigger in size but not usually hanging together in big schools. For the keen billfish chasers out there waiting to hear good signs for the coming season we have some! Cairns has seen a huge increase from the few recent years in numbers of 3-6kg black marlin in large pods hanging off bait balls. This is a very good indication of a productive spawn of the big marlin right up of the very north of Queensland, the juveniles will follow the currents from north to south and hopefully have an extended stopover in our waters.
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A few good tips here to hopefully help you have fun and a bit more success next time you hit the water.

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Have a great weekend
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