Report 16/3/17

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Report 16/3/17

Post by subeditor » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:36 pm

So far March has been the month of the 'grunter hunters' with plenty of grunter making up the majority of catch stories. The headlands and rocky points of the islands have been the hotspots. Soft plastics have been working a treat, vibe style lures work especially well in these situations just like the Fuse Pulse, the key being the size to weight ratio and the high vibrating action they emit imitating a wounded bait fish. It is important to ensure a well presented soft plastic is imitating the bait fish in the area, especially when the target species may be a little more finicky. Amongst the Grunter there has been some notable catches of good sized finger mark still. Well-presented live squid rigged with a sliding snell rig is a great option for targeting big fingermark, grunter and even nannygai that all inhabit the same inshore ruble patches locally.

March is also another great month traditionally to chase a few mud crabs, and there have been plenty of nice ones around. The larger tides have been the better days to set the pots given we haven't had a much rain. During the larger tides the best spots to set your pots has been out and around the mouths of the creeks on the flats in the gutters where you can possibly identify them, probably the best key to a better success during these tides. Anywhere up the creeks will usually result in your pots tumbling over or moving with the running tide.

Around the full moon at the start of this week provided a great opportunity for a spot of night time fishing for big Barra. Live bait and even trolling noisy lures such as Barra classics work really well in these situations. It is well known that during a full moon phase, especially when the sky is clear, many predatory fish feed best at night time, good news if you are able to take advantage as there are usually some big fish caught.
Delta had a ball landing this quality black jew while fishing off Alva Beach.
TownsJew16317.jpg (8.36 KiB) Viewed 989 times
Maya out fished dad landing this very nice bream on a recent trip to Barratta Creek.
TownsBream16317.jpg (21.7 KiB) Viewed 989 times
Tom fished the Bohle with his dad catching this nice Barra while trolling a lure.
TownsBarra16317.jpg (45.55 KiB) Viewed 989 times

The weather looks very favorable this weekend to head offshore and fish the reefs. The tides however are not overly favorable as the old adage rings true 'no run, no fun' but don't be disheartened. We don't see enough calm weather to not head out. This time of year there is usually some current pushing in places. The best areas to start looking for current is the ocean or shelf side of any reef, as this time of year there is generally a warmer current pushing up and in from the shelf, bringing with it plenty of 'good water'. Keeping en eye out for any birds and bait whilst out the reef will provide a good idea of where any current may be.

A few good tips here to hopefully help you have fun and a bit more success next time you hit the water.

Burdekin Barra Rush being held in the Burdekin on 25th & 26th March 2017.

For more info drop into our store and pick up a flyer.

This event assists in raising well needed funds for local community organisations such as Volunteer Marine Rescue Burdekin, Fish Restocking Burdekin and donated fish to our two Burdekin Hostels for Aged-care.

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Have a great weekend
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