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Report 23/3/17

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:51 pm
by subeditor
With a bit of rain around the barras and jacks have been firing. Bait, soft plastics and hardbodies have all been working. Catching live bait is well worth the effort, this method often accounts for plenty of solid fish. There are a few little tips when live baiting for barras which will convert majority of bites into landed fish. The best hook to use is the wide gap style and Shinto have one in their range that is super reliable, using strong wire and solid sharp points they are sure to do the job. The big bucket mouths on barras require a wide gap style hook to hinge on the jaw, it’s vital when using these hooks to allow the rod to load before striking and fighting the fish, this allows the fish to eat the bait for the final time before swimming away. Barra are known to inhale and spit the bait several times before committing and the shape of the hook lends itself to being pulled back from within the fishes mouth to set and hinge around the jaw of the Barra as they swim away. The nature of these hooks as well prevents it from being thrown as these very acrobatic fish jump all over the place. The best rig to use we have found is a paternoster rig with the live bait above and away from the sinker, this improves the longevity and presentation of the bait, a float system will also work for shallow snags.
Kailan hit the water last weekend fishing Cape Cleveland when this nice trevally screamed of with his bait.
TownsTrev23317.jpg (113.45 KiB) Viewed 3432 times
Hamish fished a little spot close to the CBD and managed to land this very nice Barra, it took a live mullet.
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Boats heading out around the headlands and in the bay have also reported a few barras, but plenty of big queenfish and trevallies have been chasing bait. Great fun for the sporting anglers casting poppers and small stickbaits on 30lb gear. The fingermarks have started to quieten, but the grunters are still firing on the rubble patches. The structures, such as the shipping pilons have produced plenty of fun for those chasing a little sport, with some decent golden trevallies and cobia hanging around in close with plenty of bait sticking around.
The boats that headed offshore before the wind picked up over the past weekend noted some better catches of trout and plenty of red throats with the looming low pressure system, metal jigs once again accounted for many of the trout captures during the day, a well dressed jig works a treat on many species, the Dog Tooth IKA is a stand out. Fishing deeper water produced a few nice red emperor, and plenty of large mouth nannygai. The wreck fishers noted too many sharks around to see anything of quality come to the surface.
Kim caught this nice grunter while fishing off the Jetty on the strand recently.
TownesGrunt23317.jpg (12.52 KiB) Viewed 3432 times

Plenty of fishing to be done this time of year with a variety of species on the bite, the winds are expected to pick up a little this weekend, but that’s no deterrent to wetting a line with the creeks fishing quite well and suitable tides for all the local systems.

Burdekin Barra Rush being held in the Burdekin on 25th & 26th March 2017.

For more info drop into our store and pick up a flyer.

This event assists in raising well needed funds for local community organisations such as Volunteer Marine Rescue Burdekin, Fish Restocking Burdekin and donated fish to our two Burdekin Hostels for Aged-care.

Stay Tuned for information next week on the 2017 Ladies Game Fishing Day hosted by the Townsville Game Fishing Club.

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Have a great weekend
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