Report 9/6/17

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Report 9/6/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:31 pm

As the weather cools, the fishing heats up for a lot of different species around in our waters. Many think the barras tend to go off the bite in the cooler months, where this is not entirely true, they still feed and sometimes even more veraciously. In ‘winter’ (and we use the term loosely here in NQ) barramundi will feed differently than they do in the warmer months, generally chasing food such as prawn, and even garfish. Using live prawn as bait is by far the best go to option, where the use of a drawstring cast net is a good choice, especially if throwing from a boat. Obviously using soft plastic prawn imitation lures works – ‘match the hatch’. The key to success with soft plastics particularly at this time of year is to keep the jighead you use as light as possible and drop the size of your leader, the water is generally a lot cleaner this time of year and to entice the bite reducing the sizes of your terminal tackle will prove beneficial. Focusing efforts around shallower banks with structure and direct sunlight and along the open sandflats will produce good numbers of barra, as during the cooler months they will school in larger numbers and in warmer areas of the creeks.
Michelle had a great morning wetting a line at Morrissey’s creek catching this nice grunter.
Townsgrunt9617.jpg (9.81 KiB) Viewed 1181 times

Reports are coming in thick and fast about the number of mackerel around, from doggies to Spaniards and everything in between including greys. And this will only get better during the next patch of calm weather, we have been watching the water temperature during the last week drop 2 whole degrees, with plenty of bait around as well, this only results in a really good season on the pelagics. Good quality well looked after fresh garfish is very hard to go past when it comes to chasing mackerels on the troll. Rigged on a set of gangs sitting behind a wog is one very easy way to get a gar to swim a little deeper, between the swimming tail of the gar and the firetail dressed wog head, the mackerel find it very hard to resist when presented. On the shoals, as the bait that the mackerels will generally be chasing will be either pilchards or yakkas, its best to keep our minnows around the 120-160mm length, your 190mm+ minnows tend to work a lot better out towards the reefs.
Cherie was jigging a few plastics at one of her favourite spots in Cleveland Bay when this very nice fingermark screamed off and after a great fight was brought on board for a photo.
TownsFinger9617.jpg (25.69 KiB) Viewed 1181 times
It is also worth mentioning how clean the water so try to us a light a leader as possible.

There has also been some nice crabs could in the last few days so well worth putting the pots in if you are heading out on the water.

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