Report 7/7/17

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Report 7/7/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:58 pm

It’s been much the same for the past couple of weeks now, cooler weather and cleaner water has bought the school mackerel in nice and close. Numbers have been caught in and around the shipping pylons. Small metal slices and jigs have been working a treat, or sitting just outside of the channel and floating a pilchard out on a set of gangs with a light titanium leader has also been producing. Out a little wider the smaller boats have been pushing out, there have been good numbers of Spanish mackerel, big queenfish and small black marlin around. Well presented troll baits such as garfish rigged in different ways, for example on a wog head, small chinguard or even unweighted with a pink squid over the head of the gar has been the best options. Many boats have noted the mac tuna are in plague proportions around the bait schools, it is worth sticking it out and weeding through the tuna schools as the bigger and more prized pelagics such as mackerel and marlin are not too far away and often feeding in the same bait schools.
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The creeks have been a great spot to wet a line with the wind forecasts a little high for some to push out onto the shoals. There have been numerous big bream biting, and a great bait that continues to produce the goods when it come to big bream this time of year is the old chicken gut (which we have now in stock), well worth throwing some on a hook when in search of that big 35cm or even 40cm bream that lurk around the snags this time of year. For the lure fisherman there have been good numbers of salmon kicking around the creeks, haunting around when there is plenty of bait on offer, with the odd nice barra kicking around as well, happy to take a vibe worked off the ledges.

The mud crabs are still making their way into the pots and are well worth the effort this time of year as they are full of exceptionally sweet meat. Be sure to check the weight of the crabs before deciding to keep them as we have seen the odd emptier one as well, which aren’t worth keeping while there are good numbers around of better quality bucks.
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The Townsville Game Fishing Club is hosting the inaugural Ladies Game Fishing Day this Saturday 24th. All female anglers are invited to participate in what will be a fun day out on the water and a great day at the Townsville Yacht Club Sunday for Weigh-in and presentation (nominations close Friday 23rd 6:30pm) with all profits from the day being donated to the Townsville Women’s Centre. For more information head over to the Townsville Game Fishing Club Facebook page, or head on into the store and see Renee.

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