Report 5/7/19

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Report 5/7/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:38 pm

To date it has been one of those winter spells that won’t quite settle down with associated winds and a lot of cool overcast days. The upside however has been the south trade easterly winds haven’t taken a full stranglehold still allowing a lot of trips to go ahead, particularly offshore. The weather this year has never really eased off and most of our trips recently would have been conducted between 15-20 knots. In saying this we are extremely hopeful the sun will make more of an appearance and the winds will ease off moving forward.

Fishing at this time of year is all about fishing on the Great Barrier Reef for the myriad of wonderful tropical species available. Utilising bigger vessels has almost been necessary and the fishing has not disappointed at all. In fact it has been exceptional on most occasions. The moderate to windy weather hasn’t effected the fishing one bit. I can’t remember the last time we have been disappointed in the number of fish we have caught on any given day on any of our charters. It has been a real mixed bag of fruit with a variety of species turning up at different times. There wouldn’t be too many we haven’t caught over the last month or so. At the top of the list it has been coral and bar cheek trout by the truck load and numbers of nannygai at times. Adding value to these has been a big run on solid spangled emperor in particular, green jobfish, cobia, spanish mackerel, gold spot trevally, sweetlip, reef mangrove jack and red emperor to name just a few. The cobia prove to be a contender for ‘Fish of the Year’ and catching six off one location is testimony to that. Normally you would pick up one or two, but to nail half a dozen beauties is something to remember.

Our light tackle game fishing days are also right up there and have seen us rip into the Spanish mackerel,l and I mean really gone to town. The mackerel are really concentrated at the moment and if you can source them then it is awesome fishing. An example of this was plucking 14 spanish from a deep pinnacle all ranging from 6-15kg. They would have eaten an old shoe if it was thrown in front of them but they just demolished our diving lures and woghead garfish rigs time and time again. If the weather can settle down our fleet of game boats are extremely keen to fish the small black marlin grounds south of Port Douglas and we are coming into prime time. Unfortunately the bumpy weather has delayed this plan but is due to reverse the trend.

With a lot of families visiting the area recently our river and estuary trips have been extremely popular. Even though winter can be a bit more difficult there’s been ample action to warrant a trip or two. Fresh dead bait and live baits have accounted for numerous mangrove jack of decent size to 50cm, followed by an even spread of estuary cod, fingermark, bream and grunter. On the bigger tides there’s been some good sized Gt’s and queenfish moving into the systems as well. Always as a bonus at this time of year has been a reasonable run of mud crabs particularly in the estuaries and still worth the time and effort to set some pots to value add to your session on the water.

With a lot more tourists flooding the area since July we are hopeful for a bit more sunshine and calmer seas to showcase our wonderful region complimented by its awesome fishing opportunities.
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