Report 6/9/19

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Report 6/9/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:46 pm

The days are getting longer, the weather is rapidly warming up and the endless days of wind are now a distant memory. With the onset of spring the fresh south east winds abated leaving the tropics with wonderful days to be experienced on the water.

On the fishing front there has been a lot of focus fishing offshore on the Great Barrier Reef with favourable conditions on offer. With water temperatures slowly increasing the overall reports have either been excessive or slim pickings. The most productive days have been the dates leading into the full and new moons. Also the days with an afternoon rising tide have paid dividends. These days have seen all manners of species on the bite and size and numbers have been at the higher end. Red emperor are really up and about, coral trout have been handy and the large and small mouth nannygai have had some big moments.

The days on the moons themselves have proven considerably quieter and some sections of the reef where the fish have been in an early preparation to spawn have been slower on the take as well. As the water warms up we’ve also seen a big shift in momentum from the shark brigade in some areas and they have ruined some great fishing when the fish have been biting. We not talking about small sharks either but schools of 300kg bronze whalers just simply running amok nailing anything that is hooked up to. It is common knowledge for those in the know where they are thick and by trial and error these areas will remain of limits in the next couple of months.

Closer to home the smaller boat brigade continues to enjoy a run on the spotted and school mackerel particularly early in the morning. It’s not a fad but the latest craze is micro jigging for them using 30-50gm metal slices worked up and down in the water column on top of baits schools. On light spin gear they provide a lot of fun pulling some serious line from off the spool. Other bonus catches have included large mouth nannygai, bar cheek trout and good sized grassy sweetlips. Interestingly we are now seeing some big mantaray along the coast and they have been harbouring some nice sized cobia surfing from off their coat tails. A popper flicked in the general area will see them divert from the ray and nail it without hesitation. Once again a whole heap of fun on light gear and worth keeping a keen eye for anything big and dark swimming across the surface.

In the rivers and creeks there still remains a healthy supply of sardines and mullet and just perfect for enticing the likes of mangrove jack and fingermark. Mid sized trevally have been cruising in and out on the cleaner tides and will devour a live bait in their path. The barra have now awoken from their winter slumber and the coming month is one of the best to target them whilst conditions remain consistent. Night fishing with big mullet down around the main harbour is your best bet to target these trophy fish.

With the onset of October the game boats in the area flick on the heavy tackle light switch as the big black marlin are due to arrive along the shelf in numbers for the annual aggregation. The actual small black marlin season closer to home this year was well below par however this does not equate to the heavy tackle scene where the bigger fish are almost obligated to turn up to complete the breeding cycle.

October is probably the pick of the calendar to fish in the tropics whereby you’re almost guaranteed to get results no matter which magic wand you decide to pick up inshore, offshore or out wide.
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