Report Thur 1st Feb 07

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Report Thur 1st Feb 07

Post by Brad » Sun Feb 04, 2007 7:40 am

The wet season rains literally started over the Australia Day weekend and since have continued to dump copious amounts of water in the region. Rivers and creeks are in minor flood and the bright side of this is that it will assist the breeding cycle of the barra. Conditions are difficult to land that first barra of the season!
However prior to the heavy rain there were plenty of jacks and grunter being taken in all the creeks. Along the beaches there was a variety of species including tarpon, giant herring, queenfish, sharks and barracuda. If the rain can ease, the coastal fishing along the beaches should fire as that's where most of the bait has been dispersed. Headlands, rocky outcrops and deep beach gutters will be all worth a closer inspection.
Offshore the coral trout continue to bite well, particularly on the turn of the tide. The reef closures seem to be having a positive effect as there a good numbers around and of good size to 5kg. Fishing 30m plus is vital for success. The shallow fishing is lame in the warmer weather. Mixed in amongst the trout have been sweetlip, small mouth nannygai and bludger trevally.
The paddocks have seen the arrival of tuna schools feeding on the small fry bait. The schools are mostly stripey and mack tuna and they are everywhere - look for the pockets of water erupting into a frenzy. Arm yourself with a light spinning rod and tuna slugs and you'll have a ball on these bullets.

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