Report 5th Nov 05

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Report 5th Nov 05

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 05, 2005 2:36 pm

I've recently come back from Kalpowar Station, which adjoins Lakefield National Park. The country was dry and harsh and yearning for some rain. The water levels in the Normanby River were down, with pockets of waterholes lining the river. The fishing was fair with ten barra and eight tarpon caught for the weekend, along with dozens of catfish dominating proceedings. The lure fishing was hard work and we found that live baiting with cherabin and mud herring (the ultimate bait) produced more results.

Over the three days the best bite occurred in the early parts of the afternoon, whilst the late evenings were quieter, which I found a bit surprising. The cherabin and red claw were in good supply and we ate well in that regard.

The Lakefield region in general has been extremely dry and burnt out with spot-fires popping up everywhere. Driving directly through a fire front to get home was an interesting experience. However, with the first sign of rain this area will become inaccessible for up to six months, as the roads and landscape turn into swamps and lakes.

To be honest it is hard to give a Port Douglas report as I haven't been around town that much over the past week. First reports indicate though that the game fishing fleet is still nailing their one or two black marlin each trip, with many consistently topping the 800lb mark.

Inshore, the rivers are fishing well for jacks and trevally, with early morning or late afternoon the preferred angling time.

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