Report 13 Aug 07

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Report 13 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:02 pm

Due to moderate south easterly winds offshore fishing has been kept to days here and there. The fishing however has been good once the weather allows to access our outer reefs. Coral trout, nannygai, tea-leaf trevally and sweetlip dominate proceedings and it is good to see a few more spanish mackerel filtering through. The seas are confused at the moment so finding where wind and current are running in the same direction is the key to success. Waters in the open channel seem to be the hardest to fish. Light game operators are picking up on the increased numbers of spanish mackerel as well as the ever present sharky mackerel which are being kept for future baits for the heavy tackle marlin season not far around the corner. There are a few yellowfin tuna in the region but not of great size mainly around the 6-7kg mark.

Inshore the results have been spasmodic with the afternoon incoming tides producing better results such as queenfish, trevally, grunter and bream. Water temperatures are not conducive to much barra or bigger jack activity at the moment and the end of August should see them return in better number.

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