13th Nov 05

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13th Nov 05

Post by Brad » Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:18 am

Port Douglas has been blessed with some wonderful weather this past week, even though the afternoons have been rather warm. The nice sea breeze has made things bearable unless you've been stuck up a well protected mangrove creek - unpleasant!

The rivers and creeks are alive with swarms of trevally feeding on juvenile jelly prawns and fingerlings. I've seen them up to 30 in number hunting rapidly in packs. They are pushing up to the 1kg mark and are growing in stature by the day. Fly fishing with jelly prawn or tiny deceiver patterns is your best bet, as they are concentrated on one sized prey, around 30mm long. You can't present this as a bait or lure at this stage of the game but this will change soon as the bait grows. The tarpon are also keen by the catches and will take a bigger presentation.

On the reef, charters are still maintaining their catch rates, even though the species have changed to a degree. Stripies and moses perch are dominating many areas before the preferred types of coral trout, nannygai etc. get to the presented baits. The odd mackerel of big size has been knocking down the floating pillie at various times.

The marlin fleet are still kicking goals with two - three fish a day on hook-up at the moment. The strike rate of tags set is probably around 50% of this. Many of the boats are working religiously around the Linden Bank region locally, with the odd extended charter still punching north to the Ribbon Reefs where the better action is continuing.

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