Report 26th Nov 05

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Report 26th Nov 05

Post by Brad » Sun Nov 27, 2005 8:31 am

The weather has been conducive to boating and many anglers have been hitting the water of late. In the creeks the fingermark and mangrove are quite aggressive but it is requiring to source snags and timber in the deeper sections. Strip baits and heavy gear are required to reef them clear of danger. Species are mainly around the 40 -45cm range. There are also plenty of school GT's working the deeper holes and channels and have been taken on a variety of lure and live baits.

On the reef we have seen a resurgence of coral trout on the chew. Bar cheeked trout have been reported in good numbers as well. Spanish mackerel between 7-10kg have been common catches on the floating pilchard.

The game fishing scene has fired right up with the big marlin now on the Linden Bank and operators are not having to put in the big miles. There are plenty of donkies around the 700-900lb mark with the little male puppies around the 300lb mark in tow. The best report to come from Kamari Game Fishing was a 900lb black taken on 50lb stand up gear - that's pretty impressive but still fell short of a record by 300lb or so. Now's the time to be game fishing in Port Douglas!

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