Weekly Report 18 Nov 08

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Weekly Report 18 Nov 08

Post by Brad » Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:43 pm

Calm Days and hot weather is the order of the day at the moment. The fishing has also been hot at times.
River: plenty of trevally and queenfish in most systems working the incoming tides. Fingermark are good in deep water on structure during the high tide or neap tides. Mangrove jack are very active and can be readily caught on lure or bait. There is a steady supply of small fry bait in our systems which gives the fly fisherman opportunity to present small flies to entice a bite from the trevally of queenfish which are haunting them. There are plenty of barracuda kicking around as well. Incidental barra catches are mainly occurring after dark on live baits.

Reef: It's all about coral trout which are easy picking during their spawning phase of year. Where'll you'll find trout, the stripey population are also active, so a mixed bag can be expected. Nannygai hangs are producing some thumping fish but not in huge numbers. Mangrove jack, cobia and spanish mackerel have all been caught on a floating rig at these locations. Other species which have turned up at various locations in good numbers have been tea-leaf trevally and spangled emperor.

Game: After a hot start to the season it has slowed down to a certain degree. There are still some big marlin being landed, the biggest being 1364lb from our local spots. The bite has been mainly occurring late afternoon with boats averaging around three strike per session. Whether you land them or not is another question. Fish are mainly ranging between the 300lb-800lb mark which is still a fair whack of fish. Skippers are thinking the best is still yet to come and may be a longer season than

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