Weekly Report 23 Dec 08

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Weekly Report 23 Dec 08

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:00 pm

Weathers conditions remain favourable to pursue all forms of angling, hopefully this continues over the Christmas period and New Year whilst we have plenty of keen anglers around.

Game: Has quietened down somewhat charter wise but there is still the odd marlin being caught since the winds switched back to the southeast. Between the big bite there have been solid numbers of yellowfin tuna to keep anglers turning the reel. The black marlin are up to 400lb but they will get harder to catch as the days dwindle away into 2009.

Reef: Hot and cold is the word. The turn of the tides is paramount and Dragon Lady Charters proved this today registering over 20 large mouth nannygai right on the turn of the tide early afternoon. Up until this it was slim pickings. Pick your tides leading into the new and full moons for better results. Other fish in smatters include coral trout, sweetlip, trevally varieties and the odd emperor.

River: Still plenty of bait in our systems which has kept the fish chewing. Jacks are quite busy amongst the snags, queenfish and trevally are active on the incoming tides. Barra catches are still around yet the best action is after dark when their feeding pattern changes dramatically. They will search for food rather than sitting on a snag waiting for it as they tend to do during the day.

Beach: An interesting period where there have been reports of barra, queenfish, trevally and tarpon caught. Low light periods are best with an incoming tide. Live bait has produced well, expect a few sharks as well. Fly fishermen should be watching closely for queenfish, trevally and tarpon action on dawn and possibly the evening with a small white flashy profile fly ready to cast into the boiling action. If the weather remains positive, it should be hot potatoes in this department.

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