Weekly Report 10 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 10 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:22 pm

It seems at least we have returned to some normality as winds have abated to what we have been used to for most of this dry season. It is great to see the sun shining again. Basically two weeks went by where heading offshore was beyond many with a string of strong wind warnings lining up one after the other. It is not easy to say to visitors that they are travelling during an unfortunate period, it is little consolation to their wishes to catch a fish of a life time. Fishing reports quickly gained momentum once able to hit the blue highway with a good run of coral trout, nannygai species, red emperor and Spanish mackerel topping the preferred targeted species. Spangled emperor, sweetlip, baldy bream, tea-leaf trevally and moses perch completed the score tally. The quantity and quality of fish has been quite reasonable and worth the effort.

The immediate forecast indicates that reef fishing will be a possibility for bigger boats but will be possibly only available for trailer craft for early morning sessions before any winds pick up during the course of the day. Our inshore reefs south of Port Douglas and reefs adjacent to Cooya and Wonga Beach are registering school and grey mackerel, whilst Snapper Island is proving to fish more consistently this year for these great sporting fish. Trailing lures along these systems will sooner or later achieve a desired result.

If you are heading up our rivers or estuaries there are still good reports of trevally and queenfish on the move especially on the first hour or so of the incoming tide. Live baiting or casting lures in the main channels are producing the better reports. Dead baiting with strips of mullet or fresh peeled prawns is still seeing plenty of action on our bread and butter species such as bream and grunter. With the sun out and about throwing small bodied lures or imitation plastic prawns amongst freshly fallen mangrove trees receiving plenty of sunlight may entice a few barramundi but don't expect them to be of supersize. Slowing your retrieve to a crawl is critical whilst the barra are not in an aggressive mood.Let's hope we see a return to more consistent calm weather which keeps more people on the water and in turn the fishing reports pile up. To get amongst the action with the best in the business give us a call.

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Re: Weekly Report 10 Aug 09

Post by martintr » Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:50 pm

Hi Brad

Thanks for your reports they are very informative.
My family and I are coming to Port Douglas in late september and I wonder if you could
suggest any likely places for me to fish as I normally fish rock or surf and sometimes river in victoria and nsw.

Not great in boats so I know that limits me some what.

Look forward to hearing from you if you can help.


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Re: Weekly Report 10 Aug 09

Post by micka » Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:15 pm

Hi Brad

Im visiting Port Douglas in the 2nd week of september and was wondering if you could recomend any land based fishing locations i know this limits me but im no good in boats at all! the calmer it is the crooker i get! Would be quite happy if i could catch a few queenies, mangrove jack, or even just some solid bream etc. Would appreciate any feedback. Most of my fishing is done here in south oz im a mad keen surf fisho but have also done alot of river fishing all over the country. Hope you can give me some advice.

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