Weekly Report 18 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 18 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:13 pm

We have just come off the back of another sensational run of weather allowing anglers to explore any form of fishing they've desired. Even though there may be a bit of wind around now this will be momentarily as the forecast appears it will deliver another spell of top notch weather. All the hype is still offshore as reef fishing reports have been flourishing, mainly due to the splendid weather conditions. Species to really hit form of late have been red emperor, large mouth nannygai, coral trout, golden trevally and the not so common baldy bream. All these fish possess top fighting qualities and their eating ratings are equally as good. There is still a mixed bag to be achieved on the reefs with moses perch, sweetlip, small mouth nannygai, spangled emperor and tea-leaf trevally adding variety to the day's catch. The only downside to the reef fishing at the moment is the prolific shark patrol which are quite content to pick off ours and theirs preferred red species.

Spanish mackerel are still in good numbers both around inshore and offshore reefs. Trailing spoons or mackerel lures are certainly doing the trick whilst you will pick up the odd mackerel floating a bait whilst bottom fishing. If you can source a live fusilier for a floating bait you are next assured of a mackerel strike as they find them irresistible. It could be an early season for the marlin as Local Dive Skipper 'Sharky' Shane Down witnessed a 600lb marlin free jumping up at the Agincourt Reefs not far from the shelf. Light tackle charters could very well have their hands full if a few more of these monsters start turning up.

Inshore our rivers and creeks are still experiencing good catches on the queenfish and trevally on those incoming tides. Mangrove jack have appreciated warmer conditions and have come back on the bite and a few more barra are also indicating that their winter slumber may be over. Estuary cod are a staple catch amongst the snags eager to gobble lure presentations and bream are still feeding well around harbour pylons and rock walls. Across the mangroved flats grunter and the odd blue salmon are lighting up the shallow waters and are mainly partial to a fresh strip bait or live bait.

If conditions continue as they are, winter is likely to called well and truly over and we'll enter the crossroad season where all species of fish, both inshore and offshore will come to the party. It is the most exciting time to be angling in the Far North. To get amongst the action with the best in the business give us a call.

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Re: Weekly Report 18 Aug 09

Post by stavro » Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:59 pm

Hi Brad,

I am booked in for a 6night (7day) fishing trip with Doreen Too and as it is my first on one of these fishing trips, I am unsure of what fishing gear to take along with me. Could you please suggest some tips on rods, reels, lines and lures. Your assistance would be much appreciated.



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