Weekly Report 29 Sep 09

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Weekly Report 29 Sep 09

Post by Brad » Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:02 pm

The black marlin season is into full swing with several reports of black marlin being scored on our local grounds at Opal Ridge and Linden Bank. Local skipper Tim Ryan encountered three marlin in one session recently and the best is still yet to come. The biggest fish to date are around the 450lb mark and as the days go by this will be surpassed particularly with the amount of quality game operations in the region this year. On the light tackle scene the spanish mackerel are still the main catch and the common thread is that they are in numbers in clean deeper water with significant structure below holding bait. On the shelf there are smatterings of yellowfin and wahoo and are fine tuning anglers skills before turning to the heavy tackle.

On the reef it is not too hard to secure a feed of coral trout which are congregating to the shallows in preparation for spawning. Many are roed up to the max and the up and coming new moon may see the majority of spawning take place. This wouldn't be surprising considering the seasons seem to be a month or two ahead of themselves this year with soaring temperatures. The 4-6kg species are hitting like freight trains and are super aggressive in their fighting abilities. Talking of early seasons, the local crocs in our estuaries have been busy doing their mating thing already, probably a month or so sooner than expected. Johnny Brew a local tour guide on the Dickson Inlet has witnessed this amazing act on a couple of occasions and in full view for the tourists. No doubt they'll have a story or two to talk about on returning home.

Our inshore fishing received a shock to the system last week with the sky full of dust. It actually shut down the fishing on the reef one day when the winds blew a gust. All and sundry must have thought the world was coming to an end and all activity ceased for a period. The fish are back now biting with most activity for barra and jacks occurring during low light periods or after dark using live baits. There are queenfish and trevally shooting through on the incoming tides. There is a lot going on at the moment so if you want to get amongst the serious action on offer give us a call.

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