Weekly Report 18 Nov 09

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Weekly Report 18 Nov 09

Post by Brad » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:52 am

It's happy days once again, the reef closures are finished and the weather is once again delightful. No doubt many will head offshore this coming weekend and it will be interesting to see what will be on the chew. One would anticipate the local boat ramps to be bumper to bumper. If you remember last time the trout disappeared after the last closure so we'll have to wait and see what comes in. What we can report on is that there are still plenty of spanish mackerel between the 5-10kg mark and there have been some thumping giant trevally captured during the reef closure period. Just prior to the closures there was a flurry of large mouth nannygai, sweetlip, juvenile red emperor and schools of gold spot trevally on the go, so one would expect them to be still active.

In the game fishing stakes the marlin fishing has peaked in the last few days with some epic encounters occurring on the Linden Bank. Some boats are experiencing several big bites per session and the monster fish (1000lb or more) are appearing with regularity. I was again fortunate enough to be out there on the weekend and we tangled with a 350lb specimen and no matter what the size, they are an awesome fish in full flight. It has been a sensational season thus far and those in the know believe that it should continue to flourish for a few more weeks to come.

If the calm water is more your go, the rivers and creeks are providing handsomely at the moment. Mangrove jack have been busy in the Dickson Inlet and Muddy Creek systems and there are some really good reports of fingermark coming from the Daintree River. There has been a huge hatch of fingerlings recently and there are swarms of small trevally and queenfish taking advantage food feast in most of our waterways as well.
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