Weekly Report 25 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 25 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:33 am

A decent drop of rain has put a halt on angling proceedings for the moment. This recent rain over the weekend and at start of the week is just what the doctor ordered to take our fisheries to the next level. One felt that we needed a good dose so when it does settle back down the fishing particularly inshore will be invigorated. As expected fishing reports have been very sketchy this past week because of the flash flooding that has occurred. Even the reef reports have been slim with local charter boats on annual leave and locals deciding not to head offshore.

I guess all we can do is look forward and what will likely occur once the rain subsides. One could almost guarantee the prawn run to really take off along our local beaches and this in turn will bring all sorts of predatory fish in for the kill. Locations such as Snapper Island will be unidated with fresh bait spewing out from from local rivers and will attract a variety of pelagics at some stage. Mud crabs will be flushed out along the ocean mangrove edges looking for a better concentration of saltwater so this could be a worthwhile activity in the meantime. As the waters settle those little run off creeks should be dynamite for targeting barra and mangrove jack.

If heading offshore be so careful of the floating debris that will everywhere. You'll probably find that the fresh has reached up to 20 mile offshore so you'll need to travel a fair bit past this to achieve better results in clearer water. One could also expect to see a bit of pelagic action amongst the demarcation line where the fresh meets the salt and trolling lures along this edge could see you tangling with a few species. It maybe a bit frustrating whilst the wet is around but it sets the scene for the remainder of the year. A good wet translates to good times ahead.

On a another topic I recently joined a charter trip in Darwin and I must say that our local crews are streets ahead when it comes to service and providing a better angling experience. Our fishery seems to be better managed and I wouldn't be rushing to Darwin to complete a reef trip. The immediate grounds have had a good flogging and by not having size limits on reef species means fish sizes are generally small. It may have been a quieter day when I travelled but there were some disturbing signs. I ellaborate more in the next Line Burner publication.
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