Weekly Report 17 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 17 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:05 pm

The high pressure system arrived turning everything from riches to rags in the fishing stakes. When you see the windsurfers having a ball along the beaches you know the fishing will be ultra tough. Fishing offshore has been a wipe out with 30 plus knot winds hammering the coastline. When the big dive boats don't leave the harbour it's a tell tale sign that things are pretty damn rough out wide. Not surprisingly there are no reef reports to talk about this week and the same can be said about the beaches which resembled a washing machine filled with coffee.

There has been some activity up our local rivers and creeks in between the rain squalls which have frequented our area in the past week. With the big tides on offer anglers prepared to set their crab pots deep into the systems in the little creeks and run offs have been rewarded handsomely. I've heard on several occasions that Dickson Inlet in particular has been producing the best results. Fish species to continue biting well in the adverse conditions have been mangrove jack, grunter, bream and estaury cod. The jacks love the unsettled waters and reports of a dozen or more encounters against this fish per session have been reported. That's good fishing in anyone's books. They have been partial to lures and more so live baits presented in amongst a section of water which has good structure such as a fallen tree.

At times there have been several jacks all fighting over the same piece of turf. Those who have been soaking dead baits have found that smaller grunter, cod and bream have provided the most entertainment on the incoming tides. Once the tide turned the fishing has become more difficult with a lot of water escaping back to the sea. With conditions rather unsettled the fishing will become a day by day scenario and a bit of thought will be needed to ensure your efforts are rewarded. To get amongst the serious action on offer give us a call.

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