Weekly Report 20 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 20 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:49 am

ndifferent weather conditions continue to flirt with our region making fishing reports erratic at the moment. Looking at what has been caught offshore, charter boats are finding the fishing a day to day scenario with no pattern or consistency to their catches. Whilst some days are quite productive the following can be deathly quiet. With various wind strengths coming and going throughout the day, the best results have occurred when the wind subsided and operators were able to fish deeper. When the winds picked up they had no option but to fish shallowerer in the protected waters where the fishing was patchy.

A variety of fish trickled through the files including large mouth and small mouth nannygai, spangled emperor, sweetlip, gold spot trevally, slatey bream, bludger trevally and the occasional legal red emperor (a lot of juvenile emperor were caught and released). Interestingly there were a lot of chinaman fish caught in the past week and despite their awesome fighting capabilities they have to be let go as they are now on the protected species list. Spanish mackerel have been here and there and surprisingly the best results have been when using the humble pilchard on a set of gang hooks. They haven't been interested in trolled lures at all and even more strangely they have even snobbed a live bait such as a juicy fusilier. As soon as a pilchard was presented they'd be all over it like a rash and the species brought in were quality mackerel around the 8kg mark.

With fresh winds likely to continue in the immediate future offshore activities will be reduced to bigger and more stable boats, and rivers and creeks will be viable for the small boat brigade. Here you'll find a variety of fish on the run including queenfish, trevally, jack, grunter, flathead, barra and bream.To get amongst the serious action on offer give us a call .......

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