Report Tues 31st Jan 06

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Report Tues 31st Jan 06

Post by Brad » Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:21 pm

As I sit and write this report the sun has just poked its head out for the first time in over three weeks. We have received copious amounts of rain in the meantime which is fantastic for our creeks and rivers.

With the barra season ready to go, one would anticipate a lot of these barra still to be sitting at the river mouths and headlands. If this is the case the barra caught should be released because they are there to breed. If the rain ceases for a period the barra should start moving upstream in search of new feeding grounds and small creeks and run offs will be prime locations to target.

To date the fishing has been very average because of the amount of rain received in the area. Basically it has been in minor flood. Mangrove jack and grunter have been caught steadily, with not much more on the go. The incoming tides have been the only tides worth trying with saltwater being pushed into the systems. A few accidental barra have been registered at river mouths prior to the open season.

Hopefully by the next report the rain will have eased and the fishing will have picked up.

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