Report Tues 7th Feb 06

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Report Tues 7th Feb 06

Post by Brad » Tue Feb 07, 2006 7:47 pm

In the last week or so we have gone from one extreme to the other. First it was weeks of solid rain and now the seas are relatively calm and the weather is damn hot.
As a result of the rains bait has been spread all over the place and the beaches have a host of food on offer. Queenfish, barra and dart have been registered in the early morning periods on a rising tide.

The rivers and creeks have settled and there have been good reports of barra being taken at most entrances. The barra have been quite active in the evenings, particularly when this has coincided with a falling tide. Live baits and lures have produced equally well.

For land based anglers, reports of barra are now coming from the Reef Park pond which subsequently received a good flush with recent rains. Live sardines or herring have been the best baits and fishing late in the afternoon has seen most action.

On the reef the fishing has slowed considerably and anglers are working in hot conditions to register their catches. Juvenile and just legal red emperor are common at the moment and coral trout have been the staple catch. There are patches of bludger trevally on offer, however reports of a lot of undersized fish are dominating proceedings.

The game fishing has also slowed with operators having to travel well past the Shelf to find the yellowfin tuna. In and around the reef has produced very little in the way of mackerel.

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Mack tuna are still around near Snapper Island and are a bit of fun for the light tinnie brigade.

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