Weekly Report 26 Oct 10

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Weekly Report 26 Oct 10

Post by Brad » Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:36 am

Brace yourself folks, we just may have some decent boating weather on our hands in the up and coming days! After a terrible month thus far in the weather department local fisho's may just receive a reprieve in the days ahead and some normality may return to the fishing reports. There's no doubt it has been a challenge to date with reef reports showing a few trips completed here and there and the tough conditions have kept the catches to a minimum. Being confined to the shallower waters closer to the reef there have been reports of coral trout, spangled emperor, trevally species, sweetlip and stripeys recorded. Hopefully calmer conditions will see more vessels venture into deeper waters and we see a return of nannygai and red emperor catches return to the table. Naturally this will also see more Spanish mackerel catches reach the kill bin.

Further offshore our marlin fleet have had no choice but to take on the wild seas and despite the challenges they are still producing marlin albeit it hasn't fired to its potential. There are plenty of 300-400lb models to tangle with the odd bruiser pushing the 900lb barrier. No doubt any calm weather will be appreciated as opposed to the frightful 30-40 knots they have had to deal with on a consistent basis. The better weather will see more activity on our local marlin grounds and the catch rates will dramatically improve.

Inshore our water tables are full and consequently a lot of fresh is being flushed into our systems. This has made proceedings tough but those prepared to put in the time have seen enough action to keep the juices flowing. Live bait has been a premium if you can find it and most results have come from using strong scented baits such as pilchard, frozen prawns and squid. A variety of fish have been recorded during the wettest of phases including some big grunter, mangrove jack, flathead, golden trevally and shovel nosed sharks. As the rain eases we'll see salinity levels rise again which will see barra, queenfish and fingermark return to the forefront.

Hopefully we might receive a good spell of weather and there's no doubt the fish will be on fire having just had an extended spell from many anglers. To get amongst the serious action on offer give us a call .....

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