Weekly Report 15 Dec 10

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Weekly Report 15 Dec 10

Post by Brad » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:23 pm

The glorious run of weather continues albeit a tad hot under the collar. The good weather however hasn't necessarily converted to runs on the board as the fish are at times playing hard to catch particularly during the hottest parts of the day. Early starts or late attempts when the sun is low is the better times to be fishing. Fish too, lay low during the hottest parts of the day, much like our human counterparts. Reef fishing has been tough overall and numbers of fish coming back to dock have dwindled significantly when you compare it to say the cooler months of the year. Fishing deep as deep is the key to any success and the quality could well make up for the lack of numbers. There has been some thumping large mouth been taken along with some really quality cobia, Spanish mackerel and golden trevally. Other than this there are pickings of sweetlip, stripeys and few good sized trout. If you can't secure a significant feed at least you can enjoy the good boating conditions. Try to keep out of the afternoon sun, it is treacherous at the moment and keep the water fluids up.

The same applies for the rivers and creeks with low light periods producing the better results under the cover of some darkness. With fresh water levels fluctuating the fishing has been hard to predict with river conditions literally changing overnight. Switching between live and dead baits has been necessary to see the likes of mangrove jack, fingermark, trevally species, shovel nose ray, grunter, flathead and estuary cod. Turns of the tide are seeing the bulk of the action occur. There has been some handy catches recorded along our beaches with the blue salmon in some handy form at the moment. Flats offering a soft bottom have been seeing these fish in decent numbers which is great to see. The evenings are seeing the better results and using a variety of fresh live and dead baits are equally recording well. Not much is said about the blue salmon but be assured they are a great angling fish and if prepared properly they aren't bad on the plate either.
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