Report Mon 13th feb 06

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Report Mon 13th feb 06

Post by Brad » Tue Feb 14, 2006 6:22 am

Having just completed a great weekend aboard Kamari, game fishing, I must say we found the fishing to be very reasonable. Light tackle fishing the Shelf at Opal Ridge produced all sorts of piscatorial goodies, including dolphinfish, wahoo, Spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna and a variety of other tuna. The best bite occurred leading into the top of the tide in the morning and the first hour or so after the turn. The dolphinfish in particular were in solid numbers and were around the 5-6kg mark. We had one small black marlin strike a garfish but its first jump had it swimming away to freedom. We did see over the couple of days a few more marlin in the area, so they are there.

There was one special moment trolling in 50 metres of water when a coral trout came from the depths and smashed a tuna rig way out the back of the spread. None of us on the trip, including John White, the skipper, had ever heard of this happening before. A coral trout, fishing on the ridge in 50 metres of water, while on the troll - no way! But it did happen!

During the night we fished in 40 metres of water inside the paddocks to score nannygai, cod species, red throat emperor, moses perch, trevally and a host of other sorts. The action wasn't thick but there was enough entertainment to keep guys fishing well into the wee hours of the night. So offshore you need to fish deep at the moment for bottom bashing and if trolling you need to head wide as there is no action amongst the closer reefs to home.

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