Weekly Report 5 Jul 11

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Weekly Report 5 Jul 11

Post by Brad » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:30 pm

Overall recently we have had some challenging conditions, a bit of wind and cooler conditions. It is pretty much a typical dry season pattern at the moment. Light Game: the Spanish mackerel are here and if you can find a pocket of schooling fish you are in for some fun tangling with species ranging from the 7kg-15kg mark. Halco laser pro lures are being gobbled up willingly by the Spanish. Reef: has been a bit tougher of late with a bit of wind around forcing efforts to be concentrated in more shallower protected waters. Coral trout are the main catch and there's plenty of those on the chew. Sweetlip, stripeys and spangled emperor are completing a day's catch until we see calmer conditions. Once the weather settles it will be on for youn and old on the red emperor and nannygai brigade. A few mackerel have been caught on the floating rig.

Rivers: winter species are dominating now including trevally, queenfish, bream and grunter. There is always something else to put a bend in the rod including shovel nose rays, small sharks, cod and catfish. Rising tides are seeing more action as opposed to the run out tide.

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