Weekly Report 2 Dec 11

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Weekly Report 2 Dec 11

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:54 am

Port Douglas is very quiet pre-Christmas with only a smattering a tourists around at the moment. Seas are calm and the fishing is a bit up and down, here are some of the more positive reports:

Game: some monster black marlin have still been biting on Linden Bank and the fishing was firing up until the end of the weekend. Early week though the waters turned dirty and shut down the fishing. Hopefully the cobalt colour will return and we may just get another flurry of action before the marlin take off.

Reef: great some days, scratchy the others. The better days are seeing good numbers of coral trout mainly around the 5kg mark and there's been some good Spanish mackerel caught on the float. Turns of the tide are seeing all the action at the moment.

River: some excellent mangrove jack have been on the chew along with some handy fingermark. River mouths seem to be the go for pelagics with big queenfish and mackerel feeding on bait schools. A matter of keeping your eyes peeled and watching for any bird activity which signals feeding fish on the surface. Poppers and stick baits are producing the results amongst these frenzied feedings.

Christmas period will see the tourists come in droves, be sure to pre-book any charters.

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