Weeky Report 23 aug 12

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Weeky Report 23 aug 12

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:18 pm

Weather conditions continue on its roller coaster ride being superb some days and down right challenging the next. In between the changing climate there have been some brilliant results across the region and not surprisingly these have coincided with a combination of ideal tides and weather conditions. The most exciting news around the traps this week has been the light tackle scene on the Great Barrier Reef with a myriad of species on the bite. Trolling a mixture of hard body lures, skipping garfish, skirted lures and swimming mullet has seen fantastic fishing on a variety of species ranging from small black marlin, Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, gold spot trevally, giant trevally and green job fish. The turn of the high tide has seen the most furious action with fish going into overdrive. This was highlighted by local vessel Saltaire Charters who slammed 4 small black marlin in quick succession over the weekend and this effort was rewarded with 2nd place in the Yorkey'Knob Makaira Bullfight Light Tackle tournament. This weekend they take on the Bluewater Fitzroy Island Tournament and their good form should see them place highly in this event.

For those more into their reef fishing it has been a very productive period for catching coral trout. Sizes have varied but on average they are a plump 3-4kg which is a perfect fish for the plate. The large mouth nannygai have been found in the deeper waters but efforts to secure good numbers of these have been thwarted by the shark population. Certain locations have produced a couple of good fish and not long after this the toothy critters move in shutting down the whole affair. There were reports of schools of bull and whaler sharks tailing vessels as they moved from location to location. In this situation you have no choice to put some distance between yourself and them and high tail it to a completely new stretch of water.

In the rivers and creeks there has been some value particularly on those days when the sun is out as the cooler overcast days have been testing. There is a variety of fish on the munch at the moment including grunter across the flats, trevally and queenfish in the main channels and some nice mangrove jack and estuary cod amongst the snags and steeper mangrove banks. Lures and live baits have equally accounted for the species and the incoming tides recently have seen the best action. There are plenty of stocky bream around any made structure including pylons, rock walls and jetty structures and you'll catch these throughout the day. With the days gradually getting warmer the fishing will only get better from here on and if you'd like to tap into the best opportunities give us a holler.

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