Weekly Report 11 Sep 12

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Weekly Report 11 Sep 12

Post by Brad » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:47 pm

The weekend conditions certainly proved to be the best in recent times as the winds picked up at the start of the week. In saying this the next few days seem to be quite reasonable and hopefully there's more opportunity for local fishos to hit the water. The light tackle game fishing scene continues to roll along nicely with resident vessels Joe Joe and Saltaire producing several more small black marlin in the past week. Both vessels on one particular day saw over a dozen fish each and their conversion was 1 in 3 fish caught and tagged on the line.

There hasn't been a small black marlin season like this since the mid 90's and there is definitely a buzz around the game fishing fleet. The general feeling is this light tackle scene still has plenty of mojo left and there's no reason why there's could a few more weeks of sensational fishing. The game fishing troops are just rubbing their hands together as it is also now the time to target the bigger models which will arrive at any moment to breed on the continental shelf. It's happy days ahead for this part of the fishing fraternity.

On those calm glorious days of recent there was a lot of traffic on the water in pursuit of some reef fish. Reports on the ground indicated the fishing was generally positive with a variety of species making the esky. Despite the neapish tides which actually assisted fishing the deeper waters, the red fish returned to form in the name of coral trout to 5kg, large mouth nannygai to 8kg and even small mouth nannygai to 5kg. Add to this there were quite a few reef mangrove jack on the chew and at the 6kg mark they are a ferocious fish.

Tack onto this some big Spanish mackerel caught on the float and you've got yourself a wonderful haul of fish. There were a host of other species to value add including cobia, big stripeys, moses perch, gold spot trevally and spangled emperor. Skipper Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady said it was the best patch of fishing to be had in quite a few weeks as the currents weren't too fierce, the sharks stayed away and the weather was delightful. He finished by saying that the forecast for this coming weekend look positive and expects there'll be plenty of an array of boats chancing their luck on the outer reef.

Don't forget to tune into the locally produced Line Burner TV Series on Foxtel Channel 183. This Sunday Line Burner is being featured as a marathon running from 2.30pm-5.30pm showcasing the first 6 series. Other viewing times include: Thursday 8pm, Friday 5pm & 9.30pm, Saturday 10pm, Monday 8.30pm and Tuesday 5pm.

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