Weekly Report 3 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 3 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:57 pm

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The string of good weather certainly came to a halt this week with fresh to frightening winds scooting up the east coast. These winds are expected to last into the weekend at least so river fishing is the immediate option.

Offshore game fishing reports till this blow were quite productive on most fronts with a few bigger marlin now turning up on the shelf in the past week. The biggest being 900lb which is a good sign of things to come for the heavy tackle department. There is also a steady supply of yellowfin tuna up and down the shelf so there are a couple of options to pursue. Still there were a few small blacks caught on the wide grounds between Port Douglas and Cairns during the calm weather on the light gear over the last week but one would expect this to wrap up at any stage.

On the reef the large mouth nannygai showed good patches at times but really did not bite consistently in the past week. In saying this when they did there were 12kg models amongst the haul. The most consistent species has been the coral trout mainly between the 38cm-50cm mark which are a perfect table fish and most punters are more than happy to secure a feed of these prized fish. Other species to turn up have been spangled emperor, sweetlip, tea-leaf trevally, stripeys and some really quality Spanish mackerel caught on a floating rig. Looking ahead particularly for the small tinny brigade the weather should improve over the course of the weekend.

In the rivers and the creeks there have been a myriad of fish on the chew including the following: fingermark, mangrove jack, barra, queenfish and medium sized Gt's. There is also a strong contingency of catfish in the estuaries so be prepared to tangle with these menaces as well. I'm hearing fish are being caught in a variety of ways from hard body lures, soft plastics, live bait and dead bait so the message here is to try a few methods to improve your catch rates.

The tides are quite poor in the next few days so I wouldn't expect a barrage of activity to occur. Hopefully by the start of next week with better tides and a more promising weather forecast we'll see some handy reports.

The Line Burner TV series concludes this coming Monday night at 8.30pm on Channel 183 Foxtel with an entertaining show mixed with big yellowfin tuna and also Cape York's most bizarre emu. Keep watching though for repeat shows on this channel. The series DVD will be released next week and we'll let you know where you can get your copy.

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