Weekly Report 17 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 17 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:16 pm

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Since last week's article the fishing reports have literally deteriorated and this can be directly attributed to the strong south easterly winds absolutely belting up along the east coast. For all the blue water brigade it has been a case of stay at home and ride out the storm untill the winds settle. There has been little choice but to explore the myriad of rivers and creeks in the region for some angling action.

There's been a new burst of new life in the local Dickson Inlet estuary with the hatching of thousands of fry and the smaller to medium Gt and queenfish schools have been harassing and feeding on this stock relentlessly. In amongst this hype of activity on the surface there has been some bigger predators waiting in lie underneath and there's been some handy mangrove jack, estuary cod and barra catches at various times. The approach of the high tide is when the action has been quite visible especially around the local harbour.

According to local guide Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing and utilising his preferred hotspots he's been experiencing some luck mainly on grunter, the occasional barra, the marauding population of catfish which are thick at the moment and the pre-mentioned Gt's and queenfish. There's been no records broken from his point of view in the past week. An interesting fact that many may not know is that a healthy population of barra in our systems does keep the catfish numbers in check as they love to feed on their juveniles. The state wide inland protected waters of the Northern Territory fishery against commercial netting lead the way in northern Australia keeping the barra numbers in healthy numbers and they naturally combat this problem which we often find ourselves on the east coast. As a state we still allow a lot of commercial netting to continue most likely tipping the apple cart against the barra and their natural outcomes they can employ.

As for the controversial marlin weighing last week, interesting reading on the many media forums and blogs. I'll firm up my point of view of the event in next month's Line Burner magazine.

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