Report Tues 14th Mar 06

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Report Tues 14th Mar 06

Post by Brad » Tue Mar 14, 2006 8:40 pm

Well news up here is very dim as we experience driving rain and gale force winds. Some of the wind gusts are reaching 50 knots, which is not conducive to any sort of fishing activity.

Reef trips have been treacherous and vessels have retreated home for cover. Anchoring boats has become near impossible.

In the rivers and creeks the water has turned chocolate with the amount of rain received. In saying this though there is a lot of bait at the entrances of systems and this is where there has been some action in the back waters. Mangrove jack, fingermark and the odd barra have responded to live bait. Incoming tides, which are pushing some salt into the systems, seem to be the most productive time. Fish the eddies and you may have some luck in this department. Until better weather arrives, thank goodness the footy is back on TV.

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