Weekly Report 26 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 26 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:04 pm

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Prevailing winds continued for most of the week minimising the fishing reports once again especially for the small boat brigade.

Under duress at times the bigger boats continued to work through the gusty conditions trying to obtain the best results they could. Dragon Lady Charters had one really productive day on the coral trout and not surprisingly this followed the reef closure when these fish can be quite ravenous. Having spawned they have one hell of an appetite and go into a frenzied feeding pattern. They also had one explosive day on the continental shelf where they smashed into the Spanish mackerel which were in their masses.

Double and triple hook-ups were occurring at every pass over and according to Skipper Steve it was sensational fishing albeit rather hectic for his hard working deckhand. They were ideally out there to catch a marlin which didn't eventuate but were pleased with the by-catch of Spanish mackerel. Funnily enough the very next day in the same location there was not a mackerel to be found anywhere. That's fishing!

Rivers reports haven't really fired either in the local estuaries and creeks and the best I'm hearing is coming from the Daintree. According to Jamie Beitzel's On the Raintree Fishing he's being have good luck on the fingermark, good sized queenfish in the main channel along with grunter across the flats with lots of juvenile Gt's feeding there as well.

Looking ahead the weekend weather looks conducive to good boating conditions so I'm guessing there will be plenty of activity at the boat ramps. The final instalment of the locally produced Line Burner TV series airs on Monday on Foxtel at 7.30pm Channel 183

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