Weekly Report 23 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 23 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:38 pm

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With the coming and going of the solar eclipse last Wednesday the question that keeps popping up is -"Did the fish freak out, did they stop biting"?

My answer to this is I don't really know for a couple of reasons. The first being is that the eclipse was during a reef closure so there was no boats out there reef fishing. Secondly the weather was rather ordinary that morning and the likelihood of anyone trailing lures for pelagic species at that early hour would have been close to zero. And lastly I haven't heard of anyone that was fishing any of our local creeks at this time to give us any reports. My guess is that the fish would have done what other animals did, just like the birds, and that was to briefly bunk down again and get active once the sunlight returned.

One can say that the follow on from the eclipse didn't have an adverse affect on the fishing and reports have remained positive over the last week. According to the Dragon Lady Charters they've had a good run on the coral trout for most of the week ranging up to the 5kg mark. They have been the staple catch and they are sourcing them in slightly deeper waters 25-40m deep. They've consistently acquired Spanish mackerel on the float most days and have also come across some really big schools of moses perch and Spanish flag. These fish don't grow to big sizes but according to Steve these fish were as big as they can get (40-45cm) with each fish easily being able to feed a couple of grown men. Other species to reach the marina docks have included large mouth nannygai, some solid red emperor, sweetlip, spangled emperor and big tea-leaf and golden trevally.

On the game fishing scene there still remains some great action on the black marlin with Linden Bank still producing some monster fish. Local vessel Reel Chase has sourced the 1000lb variety in the last few days and Skipper Brett Goetze says there is still plenty of good fishing ahead for a few weeks at least. Other species to be caught on the shelf edges using the light tackle gear include some really big wahoo to 80lb, yellowfin to 25kg, dolphin fish and Spanish mackerel. We can expect a bit of wind over the weekend which may prevent some of the smaller vessels from running but at least it will take the edge off the hot days we are experiencing at the moment.

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