Weekly Report 27 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 27 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:02 pm

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We are definitely into our hottest and driest part of the year and the experts believe this will continue into the coming weeks, even into the New Year. We are also seeing those east to north easterly winds dominate the weather pattern which is the norm for this time of year. Looking ahead the weather looks great to get out on the water.

The fishing reports in the past week have been strong in all departments. The game fishing fleet are still seeing solid returns on their marlin efforts with some big fish being tagged and released on Linden Bank and Opal Ridge. There are also tuna aggregations further out from the shelf with a lot of yellowfin ranging between the 20-25kg mark. The reef fishing has plugged away nicely with good returns of coral trout coming back into the docks. Other species have included gold spot trevally, cod, smatterings of large mouth nannygai and stripeys. Skipper Steve aboard Dragon Lady said the conditions have been great and the fish have been mostly active providing enough entertainment for the punters.

Closer to home and only several miles from the coast there have been handy reports of big large mouth nannygai on the inshore patches along with the gold spot cod and trevallies. In the rivers and creeks according to Jamie Beitzel up on the Raintree River, there have been plenty of respectable catches of mangrove jack and fingermark along with accidental catches of barra which have been released during the closure. There's plenty of other action as well along the river with quuenfish, trevally and tarpon all partial to slamming metal slices cast and retrieved in amongst the school.

Along the beaches according to 'Sharky' Shane Down there have been a few nice blue salmon landed as well as a variety of sharks and the shovel nose ray. Sharky says it is a perfect time of year for a late afternoon fish with a coldie in your hand along one of our many glorious beaches in the Far North. Catching a fish is a bonus.

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