Weekly Report 6 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 6 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:36 pm

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After a sizzling week or two we can expect the winds to come up over the weekend to hopefully take the sting out of this warm summer thus far. The downside to this is that it will probably prevent small craft from heading offshore. This will leave the rivers and creeks to explore for many which to be honest has been slim pickings of late. We had a bit of rain last week which washopefully going to spark some results but unfortunately it was not the catalyst. From reports the Daintree is fishing best for a few species such as mangrove jack, fingermark and schools of trevally and queenfish. Our local creeks and estuaries have been tougher with the mangrove jack being the shining light with a few schools of smaller trevally active at times.

Offshore the reef fishing has been up and down with the days with the current running proving to be the best. Each day the current from the north has been sporadic and one does not know what it will be doing until you reach your destination. The better days have seen some handsome coral trout and large mouth nannygai come back to the docks. Mixed in as well have been tea-leaf trevally, stripeys, sweetlip and slatey bream with the mackerel being a tad quieter on the float in recent times. The shark population have proven to be ferocious at times and just when you seem like you're tapping into a school of decent fish they have swooped in and destroyed the session.

Dragon Lady Charters were hosts to a group of the Richmond AFL Football Club early in the week and they experienced one of those shark infested days but the boys were well and truly tested by the might of a few big sharks. Although this was not planned Skipper Steve said at least he contributed to their pre-season training by making them go head to head with a few toothy critters - they'll be better footballers from the experience he reckons. Hopefully we see a bit more rain soon and this may turn the fortunes back in the anglers favour.

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