Weekly Report 11 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 11 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:18 pm

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Please Note: this will be my last report for 2012 - going on a long overdue holiday.

It has been one of those weeks where not much has filtered through on the fishing landscape. Once those winds came up over the weekend it put to bed the opportunity for the majority to head out to the reef for a spot of fishing. This has left the rivers and creeks to explore and according to Christian ebb of Trinity Sportfishing the fishing has improved significantly just with that bit of rain and the change in the weather we have just experienced. With the aid of reasonable tides they have been catching and releasing a variety of fish including plenty of mangrove jack, estuary cod, barracuda and accidental barra.

The most prolific species however has been the tarpon which are in feeding mode and are a fantastic sporting fish to catch. They are most active on the top of the tide and the first of the run out lurking around the deeper holes which have a feeder creek running into them. What they are waiting for is the mangrove worms which have started hatching and they get washed into the deeper pool of water. The tarpon however are receptive to a small soft plastic or tiny popper whipped across the surface. Once hooked they'll put on a merry dance across the surface and are superb fun on the light gear.

On the game fishing scene the last of the charters was completed for the season and Brett Goetze of Reel Chase Charters said the yellowfin tuna aggregations off the shelf was the highlight in recent times. The giant trevally fishing on poppers has also been exceptional. This has finished off a busy stint on the water for many game boats which began 3 months ago. With nice weather ahead over the weekend there'll be plenty of opportunity for the blue highway patrol to get back out amongst the fish once again. I'll catch you in 2013, in the meantime have a safe holiday period on the water.

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