Weekly Report 8 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 8 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:39 pm

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In recent times we've seen the first signs that the wet season is trying to kick into gear albeit a moderate effort at that. Long term locals agree that it has not been a normal weather pattern for this time of year and that it could well be a drier than normal wet season with soft rainfalls to date. Time will tell if this is to be the case but it does impact on fish catches down the track as we do rely on a solid wet season to assist the life cycle patterns of fish in the tropics.

Over the festive season break fishing reports have been spasmodic and this has been best displayed on the reef fishing front. Skipper Steve from Dragon Lady Charters said that some days the fishing has been quite good whilst the others have been difficult scratching around for a few fish. He indicated that there are still some decent sized coral trout to be found up to the 5kg mark and there's been quite a few tea-leaf trevally schools on the bite as well. The nannygai have been more harder to source with smatterings caught here and there but they have been picking up a few Spanish mackerel on these marks by having a floating pilchard employed whilst at anchor. Steve believes that the summer period is generally patchy as it stands and that you have to take the good with the bad at this time of year.

The rivers and creeks are thankful for a drop of rain but could still do with a solid dump to really brings things to life. According to Christian Webb of trinity Sportfishing there's been plenty of tarpon and queenfish schooling up in the deeper holes for the sports fisherman with few more mangrove jack and estuary cod biting along the steeper mangrove banks holding structure such as fallen trees. Interestingly there's been small black tip reef sharks caught right up into the local Dickson estuary along with slatey bream and sweetlip which is not the norm. Christian believes any rain from this point on is a blessing because it has improved the fishing when there's been a drop or two around.

The beaches have remained quiet of late with locals picking up the odd black tip reef shark and juvenile hammerhead shark. Local legend 'Sharky' Shane Down also believes we need some big rains to flush out some bait and reignite this scene. This will bring back the blue salmon, queenfish, trevally and tarpon along the foreshore.

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