Weekly Report 18 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 18 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:13 pm

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It looks we are likely to see a reprieve from the extended hot and dry weather as we are forecast to see the winds increase with associated rain in the coming days. It may bring a halt to some fishing expeditions but it will be a welcome change that many would agree with having just experienced our driest start to the wet season in nearly 80 years. Any angler will tell you that it has been hot thirsty work on the water in recent times and the fishing has been up and down. However there were some better results recently following the new moon and the massive tides that came with it. On the reef the catches had been rather patchy leading into this moon phase but dramatically improved as the tides started to ease. With more workable currents at hand both Dragon Lady and Saltaire Charters enjoyed better success particularly on the red species.

Numbers of fish were on the up and quality sized fish including large mouth nannygai and red emperor up to 9kg were coming back into the dock. There's nothing more impressive than seeing a batch of quality big red fish being shared around amongst the punters. There are smiles on everyone's face and makes for satisfying work for the crew. Other notable catches included tea-leaf trevally, some really plump bar cheek trout to 4kg, sweetlip and moses perch. Skipper Damian Collete of Saltaire Charters said it only took a couple of hangs to acquire your good fish on his trips and then things went generally went quiet. One hot bite is all that needed he said to make it a successful trip at this time of year. Both charters said that the Spanish mackerel have been absent in the past week.

On the local estuary Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing says catches have moved along nicely with a variety of fish caught including grunter, estuary cod, queenfish, fingermark, bream and black tip reef sharks which continue to push into the system on the incoming tides. He said the big incoming tides around the moon were his most productive and was pleased with his results despite the need for a good dose of rain. He did mention as well that it has been super warm up the creek and quite draining on the body after a full day's work.

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