Weekly Report 24 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 24 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:53 pm

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Well we were all wondering when the wet season was going to arrive at this time last week and we've been answered in spades. Since the weekend the region has gone into shutdown mode as the heavens opened up with the monsoonal trough arriving. Looking at the short term forecast not much is going to change either with more rain and associated fresh winds set to continue.

So what has this meant in the fishing world? Literally not much at all! Not in the sense that this rain is a well needed kick start to re-ignite our waterways but in the sense that there have been next to no reports for almost a week. Leading into the first of the rain there was a small spike in fish catches both inshore and offshore as if the fish sensed they knew what was ahead with the onslaught of rain. Dragon Lady Charters had a small flurry of catches over a couple of days with coral trout, small mouth nannygai, sweetlip and gold spot trevally coming on the bite quite well. Then the rain started and the dubious wind forecasts were tossed around by the bureau and haven't run since the weekend. Skipper Steve said that there were maybe a couple of days which we could of run but the threat of north westerly winds up around the 20 knot mark made us err on the side of caution. However they are hoping to be back in action any day soon.

The rivers and creeks have been in flood since the weekend and there has been little to report. Interestingly though quite a few die hard locals have been seen putting out the crab pots in the estuaries in hope that a few mud crabs will be flushed out from the mangroves. The Mowbray and Mossman Rivers didn't take much to shut down, the Dickson Inlet remained reasonably stable but really filthy in colour and the Daintree River eventually ballooned into a swell of water. It may take a week or so for all these systems to fire again on the fish but it will be of benefit for the months ahead. The old barramundi will be grateful of the big rain to assist with their breeding cycle just prior to the opening of their season on the 1st February. We'll see what the week ahead brings and hopefully a bit more to report on.

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