Weekly Report 24 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 24 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:13 pm

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After a week long of rain and driving winds from the west and north the weather finally turned for the better over the weekend. With the trough dropping south it has left us with a nice pocket of calm weather in the tropics albeit a tad stifling in the hot sun. Anglers were once again allowed to venture out to the outer reef although
extreme care had to be taken to avoid the mountain of floating debris and logs pushed out to sea. One was really hoping for a new lease of life but as proceedings unfolded the fishing was still a bit scratchy.

The coral trout were biting here and there but not in a consistent mode. There were plenty of bread and butter species to be caught such as sweetlip and stripeys but the trophy fish remained mostly elusive. The bludger and gold spot trevally were however found in solid numbers and added some angling fun. At the 5-6kg mark these fish will pull your arms off and at least provide some entertainment in between the preferred species being caught. Skipper Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady Charters said he was hoping for a few more reds to be on the bite but found the trevally schools had taken over these marks for the moment. The upside was at least something was putting a bend in the rod for the punters.

The rivers and creeks have gone through a major readjustment and are due to fire with the water clarity set to improve in most of the systems. Dickson Inlet, Muddy Creek and the estuary sections of the Daintree are looking to produce the goods as we speak. The beaches also look really promising and there is a lot of fresh bait spread along the foreshore. Shane Down reports the small shark patrol have already returned but more importantly there have already been a few blue salmon on the go following the rains. He says there is more bait available than what you could poke a stick at and he's hoping a few barra will be sniffing around as of tomorrow. With the weather looking fine and dry in the short term future this is a window anglers should be taking advantage of. The barra season opens tomorrow and conditions look ripe for the first couple of days.

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