Weekly Report 7 Feb 13

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Weekly Report 7 Feb 13

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:05 pm

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Firstly, our thoughts are with the Baxter Family after the passing of Ernie Baxter a true local legend within the sporting and fishing community. Ernie's mateship and camaraderie will be greatly missed whether it be around the local football club, down at the local watering hole or out bush on one of his epic camping and fishing adventures in Far North Queensland. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Ernie will know that we have lost a true icon within our community. His fishing and camping adventures have been for many years part of common folklore and we'll all miss the opportunity to head out bush with such a great leader of men.

On a more sober note the fishing in and around the region has shown considerable progress following the monsoonal trough. The big improver has been along our local rivers entrances, beaches, headland, coastal reefs and inshore patches. There has been a flurry of activity including barra and blue salmon catches around river entrances and along the beaches at the break through creeks. Also in tow has been a lot of mid sized trevally and queenfish offering a lot of action on the water surface at these locations. Small to medium poppers and live baits have been equally effective in snaring a few fish. There has been a lot of fresh new bait on offer which has in turn brought the fish out in pretty good numbers.

A little bit further offshore coastal inner reefs have been on fire with handy catches of bar cheek trout, gold spot cod and grassy sweetlip of considerable size. The grassy sweetlip are apparently stonkers and considering you don't have to travel far to source them they are good value and very underrated as a table fish. The only downside is that they are not the easiest fish to fillet. To add to this scene the extra bait floating around the coastline has also attracted some quality grey and Spanish ackerel as well. The inshore patches and wonky holes have also delivered some of the biggest large mouth nannygai going around along with plenty of solid gold spot spot cod. A couple of good reds around the 9-10kg mark will feed the family for weeks, but these locations are highly guarded by those in the know. A bit more rain is what we need to keep things ticking over nicely which is forecast for the next few days. Boating conditions should remain fine albeit a bit warm.

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