Weekly Report 11 Feb 13

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Weekly Report 11 Feb 13

Post by Brad » Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:48 pm

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After a big improvement in the fishing scene last week proceedings tended to slow down once again in recent times. The rains have been very moderate and we find ourselves experiencing some rather warm day time temperatures making it hot under the collar. Probably the most meritorious report to feature this week came from Saltaire Charters where they reportedly had a cracker day fishing a bit further north on some local reefs chasing the Giant Trevally. With an expert lure maker from WA and the editor of the Bluewater Magazine on board they mustered up 16 brutes for the day ranging up to 20kg and lost and saw probably double this amount.

Skipper Damian Collete said we saw plenty of fish but they weren't quite 100% aggressive with a lot of the fish just tail slapping the lure presentations on the surface. Damian did mention however to catch that number of big fish in a day at this time of year anybody would be pleased with that result. Damian said that also he's never seen so many pilchards pushing up onto the reefs and thus the reason for plenty of predators lurking around. Other than the giant trevally there were masses of mack tuna working the deeper waters and they also picked up quite a few Spanish and scaly mackerel whilst trolling.

He says the current conditions are so different for this time of year and can't remember a wet season or lack of wet season like it. The water temperature according to his sounder was bordering on 30 degrees celcius which is very warm. At least the boatingnconditions have been very comfortable despite the soaring heat. Interestingly Damian said despite it being a weekend with really nice conditions he was surprised at the lack of boats on the water. Maybe the locals are finding it a tad too warm to even go fishing.

So it seems that the grounds between the coastline to the inner edges of the outer reef are holding a concentration of bait and that a bit of a blue water excursion looking for pelagics might be the way to go at the moment. The weather forecast looks rather stable in the immediate future and favourable for such an adventure.

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