Weekly Report 20 Feb 13

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Weekly Report 20 Feb 13

Post by Brad » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:00 pm

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With a little more moisture in the air one feels that maybe the wet season proper may just be around the corner in the next couple of weeks. For those fishing the local rivers and creeks more rain is best at the moment as there has not been sufficient to date to keep the fishing momentum happening. According to Dan Smith of Akoonah Angling he believes we needanother good dose of wet to kick start our systems into overdrive. He says there's been a bit more bait around including hardy heads and sardines which has helped with his fishing efforts and he's has been tapping into quite a few rat sized barra down around the mouths of a few creeks and rivers. He did mention that a few of the locals having been sourcing some bigger models right upstream in the upper reaches using big live mullet as bait. Dan said though there's been some terribly quiet days on the water and the fishing remains generally tough at the moment.

On the reef there's been a moderate improvement with catch rates slightly on the increase. Skipper Steve of Dragon Lady Charters said it hasn't been a massive improvement but some is better than none. He said if you compare our catch rates from this time to a month ago you can notice the difference. We have though had to work for our fish completing many stops scratching up a few fish at one spot before having to move onto the next. There's been a real mixed bag of late and some of the fish have been of good quality. These fish have included large mouth nannygai, bar cheek trout, spangled emperor, baldy bream, slaty bream, stripeys, sweetlip and a couple of trevally species. Interestingly he said the locations he has fished has been void of any mackerel activity on the float and has been the case for some time. Steve said they've obviously vacated his area of activity and moved onto greener pastures. He said it would be nice at the moment to top up the day's catch with a couple of mackerel but that can't be helped at the moment.

With the short term forecast looking fine in the wind department there should be further activity on the blue water over the weekend. There maybe a bit of rain around but nothing to prevent any fishing plans you may have.
Good Luck!

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