Weekly Report 5 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 5 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:10 pm

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The extended run of calm days on the water looks like coming to a halt as freshening winds from the south and the passing of the monsoonal trough expected to deliver some rain will transform the aquatic landscape. Once the rain passes the strengthening winds are expected to linger on for quite a few days which may rule out any plans to head offshore for many. It's been a fantastic stretch of boating weather for a very long time but now we might experience a dose of proper wet season weather.

To date however the reef fishing has seen a significant improvement with some very impressive catches return to the docks in the past week. Saltaire Charters have brought home some horse sized large mouth nannygai up to 10kg in between mustering up many giant trevally up to 20kg over a few days of charter work. After having their arms extended by the Gt's, Skipper Damian Colette has opted for a spot of reef fishing at times to offer a bit of reprieve and recuperation for the clients. However this hasn't gone to plan as the monster large mouth that they have caught have been stonkers only adding further hurt to their customers. Damian said that no one was complaining but rather they had grimaces of joyful pain by day's end which tells you that you've done your job as a skipper. He mentioned that the weather remained mostly fine but if there was any wind from the south it clashed with the current raging from the north which created a confused and slightly uncomfortable sea.

Dragon Lady also enjoyed better success with return catches on the increase. Skipper Steve Adamson said there were quite a few more large mouth nannygai on the bite with the average size around the 50-55cm mark which make for the perfect plate sized fish. He said there was the odd bigger model around at times but for the most it was the 3-4kg range that they had predominantly caught. The coral trout were up and about for a nice change with most of these around the 40-50cm range along with a range of other species including some handsome reef mangrove jack to 6kg, gold spot trevally and sweetlip. Steve said the days seem to go a bit quicker when there are a few fish around and you don't have keep moving hoping the next stop might produce some fish. It's been a good week compared to what we have had over the last several weeks.

With the weather predicted to blow up focus will turn to the rivers and creeks and Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing is hoping for a good dose of rain from the current trough moving through. He believes if we can get just squeeze out that bit more rain whilst it's here it should ensure for a productive week ahead. By the sounds of it this looks like the way to go in the coming days.

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