Weekly Report 12 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 12 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:11 pm

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So what does De-Amalgamation mean for the local fishing fraternity? I guess first and foremost it'll give the region back more opportunity to promote itself as we see fit. We rely so heavily on the tourism dollar and it also includes coming to the Far North for some awesome angling adventure which is a big lure for many of our visitors. Hopefully we'll see in the future a really concentrated effort by our newly elected council and from all our local tourism stakeholders to put the region back in the major spotlight nationally and abroad. It's a must visit location for a holiday for many reasons and our world class fishing is part of that picture. I can say in producing a National TV series last year aimed which was aimed entirely at promoting OUR region that we received absolute doughnuts in regards to support from the avenues available from the Cairns Council and that was overly disappointing - bull crap in fact if I was to be honest. As a community we have got to be more than ever pro-active, creative and really proud and loud in moving forward.

On the fishing front we've seen a bit of rain recently which has given our river systems a decent flush out. It did momentarily make conditions extremely challenging to fish but as we speak the water clarity is returning nicely and the fish will be on the chew. Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing says this rain has been much needed to keep things ticking along to ensure the waters remain productive over the coming weeks. He did mention there have been a few surprises of late in the dirty water including quality flathead, shovel nose ray and leopard ray moving right into the local estuary. The barra have been quieter but expects they'll improve with the water clarity expected in the very short term future.

On the reef it's been a rags to riches style of week with some incredible catches followed up by some absolute rubbish. Late last week Dragon Lady Charters bagged out on large mouth nannygai and various other species having to come home early after over filling the freezer. Skipper Steve said, "it was like we hit the mother lode and the fish kept coming aboard. Before we knew it the anglers had reached their quota of nannygai and we had to move on to target other species. Basically we were just killing time after this because the freezer was chock a block. It's something you don't expect at this time of year and was one of those days out of the blue. Following this trip we could only manage peanuts for the next couple of charters and the sloppy conditions didn't necessarily help either. Anyway you've got to take the good with the bad because that's fishing".

Looking ahead the weather is expected to clear on cue for the start of the weekend with slight breezes on offer. Whilst these opportunities present themselves at this time of year you've got to grab it with both hands and get out amongst it. However we do need to watch the low forming in the Gulf which could turn everything on its head in a heartbeat.

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